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WIN a one-of-a-kind delivery from our very own House of Mozzarella

We’ve teamed up with Deliveroo to bring the full Eataly experience to your home!

If you live nearby, you can now order a wide range of authentic Italian pasta, pizza, deli, wine and grocery products from Eataly on Deliveroo, and for a limited time, we’re offering a limited-edition House of Mozzarella menu.

To celebrate, we’re offering one lucky winner the chance to have a trained chef, arriving in a vintage Piaggio Ape, prepare and serve up a variety of our most popular mozzarella dishes in front of your eyes…Italy has never been so close!

Our casari (mozzarella makers) make the dishes by hand with fresh mozzarella every day at our Caseificio. Starting at 7am, they make the curd with whole milk from Rivermead Dairy farm in Devon, to provide the freshest Italian cheeses including mozzarella, burrata and ricotta to our restaurants, market, customers and now to your door.

While the classic fiordilatte variety made with fresh, whole cow’s milk is the most well-known, our House of Mozzarella hosts a range of the formaggio fresco varying in shape, sizes, texture and even flavour. The mozzarella-on-wheels service will offer:

  • Caprese (v) – housemade fiordilatte mozzarella, seasonal tomatoes and basil cress. Fiordilatte, meaning “flower of the milk,” is a classic, traditional mozzarella, made with fresh whole cow’s milk and has a sweet, light, and delicate flavour with an elastic texture.
  • Burrata con carciofini sott’olio (v) – housemade burrata, preserved artichokes, baby mint and preserved lemon. Burrata consists of a “pouch” of stretched mozzarella cheese filled with creamy stracciatella. Burrata is rich and creamy, with a looser texture than standard fiordilatte.
  • Ricotta con caponata (v) – baked housemade ricotta with vegetable caponata, pine nuts & raisins.

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