Recipe: Cacio e Pepe

Using three simple ingredients to make a delicious, classic pasta dish - Cacio e Pepe.

We’re cooking up a simple yet mouth-watering dish, using three ingredients we already have in our kitchen. It’s too delicious not to share, and we want you to try out our cacio e pepe recipe for yourself. Buon appetito!⁠

cacio e pepe


500g Tonnarelli fresh pasta (similar to tagliolini but thicker) ⁠
140g Pecorino Romano ⁠
Cracked Black pepper ⁠

Method: ⁠

Start by adding the pasta to a pot of salted boiling water for 4-5 minutes. ⁠

In the meantime, gently toast cracked black pepper in a pan on low heat. Once the pepper releases its pungent smell, add a ladle of pasta water and keep on a low flame. ⁠

When the pasta is cooked, drain (be sure to reserve a little bit of pasta water on the side) and add to the pan of black pepper. Toss for 1 minute then remove from the heat. Now, add the Pecorino Romano. Keep mixing whilst adding a spoonful of pasta water little by little if needed until you have a creamy consistency. ⁠

Serve right away, and enjoy! Don’t forget to tag @eatalylondon on social in your #cacioepepe photos!

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