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Sourdough September

Make, bake and break the Eatalian way

How to cook dry-aged meat

Because dry-aged beef has such an intense, unique flavour, it's best to cook it simply.

Zuppa di Melone Recipe

Chilled Melon Soup


Ferragosto, the national Italian holiday that celebrates going on holiday… we Italians know how to enjoy ourselves.

Scamone Tagliata Recipe

In Italy, enjoying meat is all about quality and simple cooking that brings out the natural flavours.

Spaghetto Eataly

Our signature dish can be made with 4 simple ingredients straight from our market. Find the recipe below to add the full Eatalian experience to your kitchen.

Buona Festa del Papà!

Although your dad might insist he doesn’t want anything for Father’s Day, we all know he’ll secretly enjoy a little something to show just how much you appreciate him.

A Tiramisù treat from La Pasticceria

As any true Italian, we're partial to a sweet, freshly-baked pastry or dessert anytime of the day...

Il Caseificio

The house of mozzarella & fresh cheeses, handmade daily

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